Learn to Speekskate with Gateway

From beginners to elite, our coaches can train you to competitively speed skate.  Gateway Speed Skating Club was formed over 50 years ago, and has been training at the Kirkwood Ice Rink  since the beginning. Speed skating builds self-confidence and discipline for people at various fitness levels.  Ever wonder where the Olympic speed skaters come from? Clubs like Gateway!

Speed skating is a fantastic all-family sport. Our skaters begin at age 4 and stay on the ice all the way into their 70s.  Families love speed skating because everyone skates at the same time regardless of skill level. Our fabulous volunteer coaches teach new members to skate and enable experienced skaters to compete at a National Level.

COVID-19 Precautions

There are St. Louis County and Kirkwood rink regulations that we have to follow. Masks are required throughout the rink. Please read these guidelines carefully before attending practice:

  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to practice. We can’t get in before this time. (Rink Rule)

  • Really really important to be on time to get everyone checked in and skates on.

  • Skaters will need to check in at the front where we have to keep a log & take temperatures. You must do this to enter the rink. (Rink Rule)

  • Skaters proceed to the concession area where they will put on their skates (Rink Rule)

  • Some parents will need to proceed to the pad locker to help put the pads out on the ice while the kids are lacing up. Given our entrance time restrictions it will be really important to have help this year as the coaches will not be able to pre stage them before putting on skates.

  • At our ice time skaters will proceed to the boxes with their skate bags (Rink Rule)

  • Skaters will be grouped into packs that they will stay with while on ice. (Gateway Rule)

  • We will have staging areas for the small groups to stand in when they are not on the track. (Gateway Rule)

  • After the session skaters will exit the ice, grab their bags, take skates of fin the locker rooms, & exit out the side door (Rink Rule)

  • We are not allowed to mill around in the lobbies like in years past.

In the event that we are restricted on numbers on the ice we may divide the sessions up into A & B with the more advanced skaters in 2nd hour. We are ice rich in St. Louis so we are blessed to have this as an option to keep all the kids on ice!

Twitter – @GatewaySSC

The Gateway Speedskating Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has been instructing and promoting the sport of speedskating to children and adults since 1963. Gateway is a member of the Missouri Speedskating Association (MSA). We are also an affiliate of US Speedskating, the governing body of speedskating and Olympic Team development in the United States.