Learn to Skate Program

Gateway is continually offering Learn to Skate enrollment during our season. The cost is $40 for four sessions, plus $10 for the USS two month trial membership. When you find out you love this sport, the Learn2Skate cost is rolled into regular membership. If you are a speed demon or know one, give us a holler and find your home on the ice.

The instructors enjoy the lessons as much as the kids. It is great to see kids go from “Dad, I need help, hold my hand,” to “I got this Dad, see you after practice”.

Skaters should be at least four years old to be ready to learn.  Of course, our Learn to Skate program is open to adults as well.  Our sessions are concurrent with first hour regular practice. Skaters must have helmets, long pants, long sleeves and gloves. Neck protectors and shin guards are recommended, and are required after the learn-to-skate sessions. Soccer shin guards are fine. Hockey neck protectors are available locally, speed skating neck protectors are available by mail order. Knee pads and elbow pads are highly recommended at all times. Rollerblade pads work fine. Gateway will fit participants with speed skates if available; contact the club ahead of time with shoe sizes to facilitate skate fitting on the first day. Hockey and figure skates can also be used if we don’t have speed skates available in your size.

For more information on the Learn to Skate Program, please see this flyer:

Learn to Speedskate Flyer 2019