Our Coaches

Coach Scott (Head Coach)

Coach Scott is our head coach and an active competitor. He is an Age Group National Champion (March 2013), and has competed at the national level many times. He still skates at the Open level (highest level) of club competition. He has USS Coaching Level 2 certification, and brings this knowledge, skill, passion, and dedication to all our members.

Coach Kelly

Coach Kelly is a family legacy skater whose grandfather got her mother into the sport. You’ll see her kids skating with her! Kelly trained and competed at the National level. Her strength is in having the kids reach out of their comfort zone to new levels and trying to help with technical changes that are individual to that skater. The main goal is to show the kids what is possible if they want to put in the time and create a racing community where the kids have fun. 

Coach Ed

Coach Ed brings 60 years of speed skating experience, first as a competitor, then as a referee and coach. Combined with his Physical Therapist background, Coach Ed is able to help young skaters progress through the developmental stages of skating, from beginner to national level competition. He believes in positive reinforcement when helping skaters, and parents, realize the next skill successfully achieved. He is passionate about creating a constructive atmosphere for young athletes and families, where good sportsmanship is demonstrated both on and off the ice.

Coach Phil

Coach Phil focuses on the entry level skaters.  Phil came to the sport of short track as an adult and parent of a skater, and got on the ice to find out what was going on out there. His helper attitude had him assisting in the group he was in: the entry level. He was having so much fun there, that he never wanted to grow up and leave!

Phil achieved his USS Coaching Level 1 certification under the mentoring of Coach Joe Gier – benefiting from the lifetime of experience that Coach Joe had to offer. Phil is honored to be a part of the team that grows young skaters into confident young men and women.