Club Photos

Club Meets 2023-24 Season

Desert Classic Meet- Salt Lake City, Utah

Club Events

Anna Quinn- long track speedskater- leads a pack of skaters training at Utah’s Olympic Oval. Anna, and her brother Ian, grew up skating with our club.
Anna Quinn (long track speedskater) and Ethan Cepuran (2022 Winter Olympian long track speedskater) share a dinner out in Park City, Utah sharing lots of stories about speedskating!
Olympian Ian Quinn (Winter 2022) grew up in our club and visited us to tell us about his experiences!

2022-23 Season Meets

Land of Lincoln Meet- Champaign Urbana, IL

Our club’s Heartland Series skaters at Champaign-Urbana’s Land of Lincoln Meet 2023. The Heartland Series includes a number of meets throughout the season that requires a specific 1000m time to be a part of this skating group who compete with others across numerous midwest states.

Gateway Meet- St. Louis, MO

Northburke Meet- Northbrook, IL

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